I have music in my heart

I have music in my heart and I can hear it in my head its the rhythm of my life it’s the fiber of the thread that holds this life together like a finely woven net that can stop a soul from drowning in the tears it’s seen not yet

It’s the sound of an illusion of a soul so unrestrained, power lost upon it once again regained from the eyes of the deceiver and the souls of the unclean from the depths of the insanity that lives inside of dreams 

From the places in the darkness where the children often hide when the ghosts of an illusion offer love denied to the shores of their redemption of the sins they do not own offering forgiveness turn to stone

It’s the lie that speaks the truth hidden in plain sight it’s the sadness that’s hidden not in darkness but in the light like the tainted scales of justice wheels greased with blood the evil contradiction holding back the flood

it’s the morning noon and night its the wrong and its the right when its loose it feels too tight and its falling out of sight sometimes its the Rythm sometimes the frequency sometime its to blind me other times to make me see

its real and its illusion its the truth but then a lie its the beginning and the end so time to say goodbye.

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