Born to be Barefoot

I was not born with shoes upon my feet, and I wandered shoeless throughout childhood. When I stepped into adulthood, the shoe became a requirement. Shoes and shirts required to enter. Why?, Shoes are restricting and uncomfortable as a device. Although we really require them for the most part these days, they make my feet cry! The concrete Jungle we have covered the ground with has made it a virtual requirement to wear soled devices upon ones feet in order to prevent damage and dismemberment of the foot. Modern times have required modern devices, yes?  While shoes are not actually a modern Invention, in the history of man overall, I would say they were, as we know them anyway. When I am away from the concrete menagerie and visiting the places where I wander and belong I wander shoeless as often as possible, because regardless of what anyone says or any study that has been completed has concluded, for me bare footing makes me feel physically better.

I like the soles of my feet to be soiled with the remnants of where I have been, and to feel the changes in the terrain as I meander about. Just as the world changes in our vision and our sense of smell as we wander, so does it to vibrations we feel when are barefoot. I am a different being when it is that I become barefoot. There are changes and the energy flows. I am home. I am working toward a time when I can remain shoeless, and connected to the world. The scars my feet carry will tell the stories of my journeys, they will be my history. I have walked so far, and seen so much of so little while finding everything and nothing in all that surrounds us. Doing it barefoot has made me more aware, and more connected than ever.

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