You never know how you look through someone else’s eyes.

The you that you think you are, is only in your mind’s eye. Many different You’s exist throughout your whole lifetime. Who you are and who you are perceived as are different for every single person and or animal you encounter in your entire life. To some you will be Hero, and to some you are the Villain. To some, sometimes you will be both. It matters not how hard you try to be who you think you are, for you are only that in your own space. You can never know how others perceive and receive you, and as well you should not. The same is true of all that you encounter who also are many different versions dependent upon the perceiver. The world is the illusion that you make it, and the energy you send will return to you and thus influence the perception of all that you partake. Your purpose is who you are, not who you think you are. carry yourself to the best of your abilities and share your energy with others and they too will share and the you that you think you are, may be close to the you they see. 

The you, you have created is not the you they see. For they have had perceptions that differ from the perceptions that you own and perceive your persona as a reflection of their own past perceptions of personas which have influenced their perception of yours and the others that perceive you as well. How you perceive their perception of you is not the perception that truly exists in how they perceive you, for they have a different perspective. So, you see you can never truly see yourself as others will see you, for you have not the eyes they have with which to perceive you. It matters not how hard you try; you can never make others see you as you see yourself and you can never see them as they see themselves. In the end it’s all just an illusion we create in ourselves and share with others.

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