The back left corner

Somewhere, sometime, some years ago I read a column in a newspaper. Are you old enough to remember newspapers? That was the social media of my day! Anyway I read a story and it was something like this:

It was a story about a mother who had taught her young son; if you are ever lost in a store, go to the back left corner and that is where I will come for you. It was brilliant in its simplicity, and worked on several occasions when the boy was young. Over the years it became an inside joke between them every time they visited a store. As the Boy got older he began to get very sick and spent much time in the hospital. As time went on they realized he would soon die. Every night before he would sleep he would tell his mother, “Don’t worry Mom I will meet you in the back left corner”. On the night that he passed those were the last words that they spoke to each other.

I like to think they were, or will be reunited in the back left corner.  The story stuck with me, and I use the same phrase with Jace often. Of course he always wants to know where the back left corner of outside is! The genius in it’s simplicity just really made sense and the story made an emotional connection. They were the last words I spoke to both my sister and my Mother before they passed. If there is a Heaven, I imagine it might be super crowded when we get there, so knowing where to meet up could help! Of course every time you enter any building you will need to be prepared for the onslaught of questions about where is the back of the store? what side is left? what if there is no corner? What if I am facing the wrong direction?

If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean. Well that’s about all I got for today, so live long and prosper, leave only footprints and take only photos, love often, laugh more, and appreciate everyday. Everyday you wake up is a good day!

Mom I really miss you and hope you are in that corner when I get there! Tell Dawn she ruined Pigs forever!

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