Red Beans and Rice

The Gnome Knows

This post has noting to do with Red Beans and Rice, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention, because I am too broke to pay attention or pay it forward!  However Red Beans and rice is delicious. Now that I don’t have your attention I have nothing really important to not tell you. Changes are not coming so be sure to not prepare for nothing. Be sure to move forward in reverse with your eyes closed open because there is nothing to not see here.

Yet there is always something to see, if we just open our eyes and look. While you are looking be sure to SEE! I am astounded and amazed at the world around me on a daily basis. I have changed my glasses and look at the same old things in a brand new light. The shift in energy is strong, and it is positive. I have opened a hand and extended an invitation, and am following where my mind will go. Into the woods to get lost and find myself.

When I wander I often think about my grandfather, and the things he showed me and taught me through my young life. I have very fond, and strong emotional memories that sometimes flood over me without warning. This is a good thing, for as long as he is remembered, he lives. I also hope that the memories I am making and things I am teaching my grandson, still bring him back when he too has reached this point in his life.

While the world we live in is certainly not the world I had imagined for my children and my grandchildren, it is the world we are stuck living in. I can only do my part to encourage them to seek the solace of the forest and find the peace that I have been able to find. I can invite them and you along for the ride, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I adventure as often as I am able and I share it as much as I able. I enjoy bringing you along on this crazy journey we call life.

I really had not alot of nothing to not say this week but I had to try and not write nothing I feel I have been unsuccessful and managed to actually say something. I cannot say what it is that I may or may not have said but whatever it was it was not my intention and is therefore in violation of my wishes and rendered mute. I Would thank you for reading this, but I am sure that you are not the person for whom this was not written so please do not enjoy it.


👣👣 #theadventure



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