The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

5AM I sit and stare in the corner at Mom’s empty chair
Although right now she only sleeps, the thought it still cuts me deep
In the corner alone and dark, the storm that brews still leaves its mark
The journey long and filled with fear and I for one am glad you’re here
I know in my heart and in my head, as you lie sleeping in your bed
One day you will no longer be, and the empty chair is all I’ll see


It scares me fills me with such fear, the thought of you not being here
We were not so close when I was young, now so far and close we have come
In your head dark scared and lost, to bring you back I’d pay any cost
I awake today and I watch you sleep, and listen to you as you breath
For granted these things we often take, when they end our hearts all break
It rips my heart as these words flow, things I never thought I’d know

My life so changed, so rearranged
You so scared, with empty stare
My biggest fear your empty chair

As you awake I feel your pain, my tears they fall like salted rain
So alone you feel though you are not, unaware of all the things you have got
Thoughts so scattered no connection, random sorted recollection
The little things I have learned to embrace, the simple smile on your face
So often you call out in the night, in the darkness looking for the light
I try to comfort, and assure as I stand outside this shuttered door

These words I speak my heart I share
As I sit and fear the empty chair

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