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Ice Fishing

The Holidays have passed, and the new year has begun settling in on us all. Here in the northeastern United States, it is winter, and it is grey. It has not been very cold, only a few short snaps of bitterness but otherwise tolerable. It has been warm enough to stay active and spend some time outdoors in the wilds Adventuring. I have always wanted to move off into the woods somewhere, since I was a very young man. As I have grown older that hasn’t changed very much, and I really yearn for a simpler life. The new year has strengthened my resolve to move forward with an attempt at some homesteading. We are in the planning stage and are on the hunt for a place to start. (See the insert below) I know the general area where we want to be, and I have someone who is all aboard with this idea. Let me tell you something, finding a woman like Loretta Barone Robinson who has the same mindset and the ability to put up with me was a Godsend. I have my partner for adventure and could not be happier with the direction things seem to be going. (Other than the cost of feed skyrocketing). 

Map of Central Pa

I know well how to grow vegetables and herbs and how to do so with use of no chemicals, I have a green thumb which I am sure came from my maternal Grandmother, Laura Garrett. I can fix anything if I need to, a skill which I believe came from my Hero my Maternal Grandfather James A Garrett. Thank you both for all you have given me, without even knowing you did! Look at me now, going back to what you always told me! For me the thought of “retirement” is a terrifying thing, retired feels like out to pasture. While the idea of not working for any entity or person in and of itself is very appealing, the idea of not working is not something I ever considered. A body in motion remains as such, and a body at rest will remain at rest. The idea of moving away from a structured work regiment doesn’t scare me, as I jumped out into the “Gig” economy pretty easily. I honestly think with the right location, a combination of remote work, gig work and shuttle services for hikers we could etch out a nice little existence. 

It is funny to me how much we truly take for granted everyday. Especially when it comes to technology. The Northeastern corridor of the US has a damn good backbone and provides for high speed instant access to the world for millions of users. The reality is, it only extends inland a very short way. The further from the trunk you travel westward, the less option there is available for both internet connectivity at high speed, and cellular service that is reliable. The planning to make a move involves extensive research, and budgetary planning. Eating out will once again become a treat, because places are fewer and further between and for the sake of frugality. I would really like to be as close to the Appalachian trail as we can, as I would like to incorporate some trail shuttling and other hiker services into our overall schematic for Shagri-La. Since childhood, the woods have been my HOME. The place I feel safe, I know what is dangerous and what is not. The forest has but one face.

We are certainly open to ideas and input from anyone who has gone this route successfully, or a failed attempt would be greatly appreciated. The more you know, you know? While I love my technology, I do yearn for a simpler life. The time has come to shed myself of the things that no longer serve a purpose or have some significant meaning in my world.  Less clutter of the mind and of the domicile.  Shoeless and clueless, into the unknown we shall ride. Those who know me, know my connection to nature. Those who do not probably think we are crazy doing this at our age. Now is a good time, our children are grown, and we have grandchildren who will enjoy the connections to nature that we nurture. A home from which one wishes not a vacation is a retreat, and the efforts put forth to create it seem to pale in the light of the calmness and serenity that surround it. We need very little in terms of possessions in order to live, things make us smile but rarely do they make us happy once we pass childhood. In sync with the world is where our peace lies, and so there we shall go to find it. Breath in all that surrounds you, and let nothing escape your gaze for there is beauty in all….42


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