The Adventure Episode 11: Ricketts Glenn Adventures!

Premiering Friday February 19th, 6:00 PM

Join us for the premier of Episode 11 of the Adventure on YouTube as we explore Ricketts Glen State Park.

We explore 17 waterfalls and some of the local residents in the area. With special appearances by Danger Girl.

Who is Danger girl? you ask… Danger girl is the name we gave to a young lady who kept pace with us on most of our hike along the Falls trail. She was quite adventurous and daring. climbing on places most people would not dare, and all with no fear. A true Adventurer. She appears in several of our video clips, and reminded me of someone else I know. Oh to be young, Carefree and invincible!

Danger Girl
This is Danger Girl.

Our hike took about 5 hours, was 9 miles in length, and contained many stops along the way. Some to admire the beauty and some because it is a very steep hike up the falls! Regardless it was a fantastic time and the waterfalls are the stars of this episode. One of the other interesting things about this Adventure  were the Salamanders. There were quite a few along the way, and we stopped to admire them in all of their brilliant  beauty. Although there were many people on the trails during our visit, we still managed to keep our mostly 6 foot distance. Yup!

As usual I managed to take a plethora of of photos, so be sure to enjoy the show!

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Music in our Videos comes from the Youtube audio library. I would like to send a shout out to Audionautix as we seem to use more of their music than any other. Thank you!

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