The Adventure: Episode 12 Birchwood

Join the Adventure for Episode 12-Exploring Birchwood

Today’s Adventure was fun, spooky and exciting. As we visited the Birchwood resort near Tannersville, PA. Let me start by saying: I do not suggest nor do I condone in anyway, trespassing on private property.

We do a lot of hiking, and exploring and generally enjoy the experience. Some explorations are a little less family friendly and must be approached with caution and stealth. This was one of those explorations. I had heard stories, read articles and seen photos of previous explorations, none of which prepared me for what I would find. This place has been ravished by both nature and vandals, and is now a sad reminder of the glory it once was.

Built in the 1950’s and closed in the early 2000’s, Birchwood was where accused cop killer Eric Frein was found to be hiding during a massive manhunt for him. He was found in the abandoned airplane hanger at the rear of the property. A perfect little hideaway for someone not wanting to be seen. That was not the first scandal circling this once thriving resort. Tales of wild sex parties during its heyday have been circulated as well.

  We also had a face to face meeting with the caretaker/security guard, which is not in the video. He was quite firm, and almost intimidating in his admonishment of the visit. He took a picture of my license plate and warned me to never return under threat of arrest. However we did actually converse on the resort and the problems he has had to deal with over the years with this property.

I would strongly suggest against a visit as it could result in arrest and fines. What we found on our exploration was a decaying dream of years gone past, and a future uncertain. So now come along on our journey as we explore the Birchwood Resort!

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