The Adventure: Episode 10 The Abandoned Bunkers of Alvira

The Bunkers of Alvira-Allenwood,PA

Formerly known as Wisetown 1825-1942

 Spring, 1942 the federal government seizes the small village of Alvira, Pennsylvania, The federal government used the courts and eminent domain to force residents to accept buyouts of their homes, to build the Susquehanna Ordnance Depot. The most interesting features of the depot were the concrete bunkers, 149 of them used for storage of explosives. It was never really used as intended. The land where the concrete bunkers were built was returned to the State of Pennsylvania in 1964 and designated as game lands 252.

A short ride from the intersection of US 15 and PA 44, on Alvira rd. The State gamelands are easily accessible. There are a few places to park and some well maintained walking paths. However this is state gamelans so I encourage you to wear ORANGE during any season of hunting. We were able to explore 11 of the bunkers, although we found more, many were sealed closed. The property of the Allenwood Federal Prison borders the gamelans to the eastern side. The gates where we parked for the cemetery marked the prison border.

We spent a good portion of our day exploring the area and really enjoyed ourselves. We encountered several hunters later on in the day, as we were heading out they were heading in. We all wore orange and ensured we were seen and heard. It was a beautiful fall day and the underbrush and overgrowth weren’t so bad. We explored 11 different enclosures and explored an old cemetery that bordered the prison property line. We could see 2 more bunkers on the other side of the fence, but yea, No. All in all it was well worth the ride up.

Stay safe, and keep on trekking!

Please enjoy the video we made while visiting, It’s a bit long but fun.


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