The Road Less Traveled

The Traveler chose the road less travelled because it was covered by grass, it was clean, and beautiful and wanted wear because very few people had travelled by that road. The Traveler was adventurous and wanted to discover who that road was. He wanted to be; different from the other people, much like the road he had chosen was different from the other roads. Here together, they could rejoice in the release. Here they could be more.

Did the traveler chose the road?; or did the road chose the traveler, calling to the traveler. Come see what I have to offer, that the others have missed. Come partake of my riches. Overgrown and unkept, it obscures its treasures and calls for the exploration and celebration of its beauty. The road less travelled, cries for discovery. The Adventurous Traveller hears the calls, and heads the invitation. The Adventurous Traveller Discovers!

The traveller was weary, the road was long. Together on the journey, they joined, and took solace in each others presence. 


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