Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Seeing how as it is October, which means Halloween. I figured an Adventure somewhere with a lure which fell within for aforementioned parameter was most certainly in Order!

Salem has become quite touristy and we are trying to avoid the bigger crowds. while Sleepy Hollow had some crowds, there were small groups very well separated from one another. Sleepy Hollow was also close by the Palisades Interstate park, which bore an opportunity for hikeage! Although the foliage was not quite at peak it was still pretty nice.

After our trek through the woods, and a climb to the bottom of the cliffs it was time to head to a place where being headless is the thing! The Headless Horseman Bridge!

Having a love of cemeteries and the stories which they tell, we wandered the grounds in awe. This little town is a gem which has much more to offer than just a Horseman  who has no head! Although I would say most who were here were drawn by the same Legend and lore which brought us here on this fine fall day. Sadly the Phillipsburg Manor and mansion were closed due to the impending doom.

Sleepy Hollow Village was inaccessible, again due to the impending DOOM! This did not discourage us from making this a worthwhile trip. We Meandered and explored and created our own stories as we walked about the graves. Feeling the eyes, hearing.

We searched about, seeking out graves that bore the names of Characters from the famed stories as well as plots of the super rich who once used this area as their playground. FYI No Ichabod Crane or Rip Van Winkle in the Cemetery. However we did find Katrina Van Tassel. We knew there was something Strange happening, and then, there it was. 

As evening was approaching and we were on our journey out of the cemetery, we meandered along the Pocantico River which borders the area. It was a Sleepy little Hollow for sure, with a slight feel of spirituality and spookiness. Well worth the trip to visit an old friend that filled my childhood. I speak of Rip Van Winkle of course. The Hudson Valley has much to offer this time of year, and I suggest a visit for anyone who enjoys folklore legends and myths, or is fan of the outdoors. We luckily are both. Please enjoy the slideshow of images from the cemetery.

Then head on over to Visit us on YouTube for video footage of our Adventure!


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