The Adventure Episode 7: The Lost Tapes!

Back in the day, long before digital technologies existed and everything was still analog. One of the worst things that any good videophile or audiophile did not want to hear was ” I lost the tapes!” or “I forgot to hit record!”.  In these day of digitality, it is much easier to “lose the tapes” since we now record, store and carry our media on tiny little storage cards.

This however; is not a story like that. This story is one of SD card corruption. On this trip I had the brilliant idea; as opposed to changing the SD card so frequently, I can use the larger 128 GB card and be all set! Well let me tell you, that was wrong. Although everything seemed to work as expected, once I got home and tried to access the video files, they were there and empty. 

Every file was the size I expected it to be, and had correct timestamps. Every single file was empty of usable data. 3 days worth of video! I  spent hours using every method I knew of and every method a Google search yielded. No salvation for the corrupted!  But, Thats just 2020 isn’t it? So you get what we have here, a piecing together of video and images of what was a fantastic trip into the PA grand canyon! C’mon along and enjoy the ride!

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