Why Technologist?

tech·nol·o·gist is a Noun
an expert in a particular field of technology.
“a food technologist”
Starting my young work life in a kitchen, and working hard to become a Chef, I would say that qualifies me as a technologist in the realm of food and the preparation of it for the consumption by others
a person employed to look after technical equipment or do practical work in a laboratory.
“a laboratory technologist”
Where I am in my world currently as far as employment
Then there is my true passion, the technology of nature. While most of us think nature is pretty far from technology, you would be far from correct in my opinion. The fragile technology of nature and its ability to adapt, and accommodate changes around it is incredible. Animals and plants change and adapt over time to survive changing surroundings and swings in climate over which they have no control. There are places on earth where it was once thought nothing could survive and this has been proven incorrect time and again. We humans could learn a thing or two about adapting and accepting. This world could easily survive without us, where we cannot without it.
The technology of nature is very simple, take what you need and leave the rest. For all that you take, give back an equal or greater value to the earth. Feed that which feeds you, and care for it like a child. Be a Nature technologist and look after that which looks after you. Feed that which feeds you.

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