Why you need a HAM/CB/GMRS/Shortwave radio.

This article was originally scheduled to publish April 10, but with the news of another attempted attack on our power grid, I decided to publish early.

Read the press release here

Let me start this article by saying that I am neither a prepper, nor a conspiracy theorist. Alot of what I am doing and where I am headed revolves around self-reliance, and the ability to survive off grid if it became necessary. A Simpler life that was spurred by anxiety of the clutter of the megatropolis.

In recent months there have been numerous attacks on power substations throughout the United States. While they have made National headlines, they were mostly glossed over and quickly shuffled under the rug as they waved something shinier in our eyes to distract us.  Similar events have been reported around the globe in recent times as well. The recent discovery of solar powered Units with antennas being placed on public lands and no one knows what they are or who put them there? In the last 2 weeks locally there have been 5 electrical “events”, that seem to have been caused by rather unusual circumstances. I saw no report of these events on any media outlet. Our infrastructure is aging, and we are not planning for the time when it just quits. It could be caused by something as simple as an EMP burst from the sun that just overloads it all.

While it’s not a very likely scenario, it is one that should be of some concern to everyone. What would YOU do in a Blackout situation that lasted days, or maybe even weeks? What if it was widespread? Would you survive? What will you do when cell phones and the internet do not work? It is a possibility in this world we live in that depends so heavily on technology. What would you do, if there suddenly was no electricity for an extended period of time? how would you communicate? how would you get news and emergency broadcasts? You probably do not need all those things mentioned in the title, but a good receiver and some sort of transmitter certainly cannot hurt! Shortwave listening can be pretty interesting in general sometimes.

Ham radio, also known as amateur radio, is a hobby that involves communicating with other ham radio operators around the world. Ham radio is often used for emergency communications, as it provides a means of communication when other forms of communication, such as cell phones and the internet, are unavailable. Ham radio operators are trained in emergency communication procedures, and many volunteer their time and resources to assist with emergency response efforts during natural disasters and other emergencies. Ham radio provides a valuable backup communication system that can be used to relay critical information during a crisis. In order to become a ham radio operator, individuals must pass an exam and obtain a license from their country’s regulatory agency. This ensures that ham radio operators have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use their equipment and communicate with others during an emergency. A Shortwave radio will allow you to listen to these communications without a license, as one is only required to transmit. While Citizens Band or CB, 11 meters as it is sometime referred is unlicensed, one can legally transmit on the proper frequencies and communicate as well. The CB bands are less regulated and a little more unorganized than the HAM bands. In conclusion, ham radio/CB Radio and Shortwave are important tools for emergency communications. With the ability to provide reliable communication when other forms of communication are unavailable, amateur radio plays a crucial role in supporting emergency response efforts and ensuring the safety of communities during times of crisis.

GMRS or General Mobile radio Service also requires a license, however there is no test just a $35 fee to the FCC here in the USA. It works on some of the same frequencies as the little FRS walkie talkies, but there are dedicated repeaters, and more power is available for transmitting allowing for communication over a larger distance but nothing in comparison to its big brother Ham rigs.

Many Shortwave radios can run on battery or solar power in an emergency situation, and many ham rigs are equipped for battery operated communications as well. CB radio for the most part is not quite as versatile but can be a handy tool to have in your Zombie Apocalypse assault vehicle.

A power grid failure can result in widespread and long-lasting consequences, including:

  1. Blackouts: A power grid failure will cause a blackout, meaning that electricity supply to homes, businesses, and other facilities will be disrupted.
  2. Disruption of essential services: Hospitals, water treatment plants, communication networks, and other critical infrastructure may stop functioning, leading to further disruption.
  3. Economic impact: Businesses that rely on electricity may experience significant financial losses, and the overall economy may suffer as a result of the power failure.
  4. Traffic chaos: Traffic lights and other signals may stop working, leading to traffic congestion and potentially dangerous road conditions.
  5. Food spoilage: Refrigerated food may spoil, leading to food waste and potential health hazards.
  6. Environmental impact: Increased use of fossil fuels to generate backup power can result in higher greenhouse gas emissions, potentially worsening the effects of climate change.

Overall, a power grid failure can cause widespread chaos and disruption, and can take a long time to recover from, potentially causing long-term economic, social, and environmental consequences.

Here is a YouTube video with a little more information on the ramifications of a mass loss of power:  How Long Would Society Last During a Total Grid Collapse? – YouTube


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