Barefootin’ I Hate Shoes!


The title of this article really does say to all for me. Shoes are the most uncomfortable things we have to wear on our bodies. They feel unnatural and forced, to me at least. There are those who will say I have just never worn a good shoe, when this is not indeed the fact at all. I have, I just hate shoes. When I stay barefoot for an extended period, such as when I camp I feel differently. My back stops hurting, my soul stops crying. I love to hike barefoot, my feet can do things. When they are restrained inside a shoe they are useless. It is really hard to wrap my toes around a rock when climbing with a shoe in the way!

Shoes certainly have their place. I cannot imagine walking down a city street in barefeet. Too much foreign debris which could pierce ones unprotected feet. Of course most places of employment require you to be shoed, as do most business’. I am not saying at all that as far as shoes go, there are some that are far superior in the arena of comfort, just for me they are all uncomfortable. My comfort is measured in the lack of discomfort when talking shoes. Feet sweat in shoes, and get smelly, as do the shoes! Shoeless feet get dirty but tend to not smell like a pile of rotting eggs unless of course one steps into a pile of something that smells of such.

Flip Flops are of no use to me, that thing between my toes is the most annoying doodad on earth. On top of that they tend to fall off anyway so just go barefoot. Sandals are sometime tolerable, but it really depends on how they are made. Moccasins are by far the most comfortable foot covering I have had my foot covered by. They are however not really functional as a daily shoe for work or bopping around the city. Yes shoes are a conundrum, and for me a necessary evil of life. I cannot even begin to imagine being a woman and strapping a pair of heals on, nope sorry could never do it. There you have it my rant about shoes.

This fits very well in with my desire to be simpler in life, things once thought important really aren’t any longer. The things important now are the little things. Be Barefoot, grow a garden raise chickens and rabbits and survive. I still need electric and internet as the world we live in now pretty much requires it as a means of communication and survival. I need to work enough to get the things we need, and cover our expenses. When you build something you don’t need a vacation from, you don’t need to save for vacation!   Get Barefoot and Kiss a Tree!



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