We were Once



We were all once the youth of a nation, 

But now we are old and we are grey 

 all filled with frustration

 for a world that none of us ever saw coming 

busy with our  own thing grinding and running

For our children this is not the world we dreamed

lion in a sheep skin not what it seemed

Poverty and hatred, hunger and  division

we all would have screamed 

Had this been the vision

Everyday it seems another way to die

Mother earth is screaming can you hear her cry?

a world so polluted at the hands of greed

how much motherfucking money do think that you need?

This is not the world I wanted for posterity

This is not the way I pictured it, see.

We were all young once

thought we had a mission

but then got caught up in the competition pissin

one step forward and 2 steps back

time to get this motherfucker back on track

Contrary to the way 

we thought things would be

we just carried on living, never caring to see

things so hidden right before our eyes

Yea, mother earth is starting to die

Everyday it seems something else

is gonna kill us all and send us to hell

a world so filled with blinded eyes

can you not see we are running out of time

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