The Black Friday Bodycount

Thanksgiving dinner is done, and you’ve slept off the Turkey. The relatives have either left for home or have settled in for the night. What to do now? OOOO I know let’s all go get stampeded trying to find the big hot deals! $29 TV’s and other highly “Discounted” and heavily marketed must have items for the Santa Clause spread. The Biggest, the Brightest, and the fastest… way to grab your dollars! WooHoo Black Friday has arrived and the insanity that comes along with it, no thanks for me. I avoid that madness at all costs, I haven’t seen the inside of a mall in 10 years other than project work. The mindless psycho babble, of discounts and savings, limited editions and unheard of markdowns.

Online shopping isn’t much better these days with horrible ship times and Porch Pirates lurking around every corner, looking to get their hands on your booty! It’s a virtual treasure trove of free stuff, just sitting on the step calling out to them. I like to Poop in boxes, then set them out on the step and wait. It’s quite entertaining. It should totally be legal to booby trap shit, teach those bottom feeding dirt dwellers a thing or 4. Black Friday is alot like that one really horrible song, you know the one you hate but plays all day in your head once you hear it. It’s the song that never ends and it goes on and on my friend!

Who the hell thought this whole thing was a good idea anyway? some penny pinching corporate Greedster? People need to be with their families not it your crappy ass, corporate asshat, cookie cutter retail establishment. Most of the crap they have on sale for these big blowouts is garbage, and they know it’s garbage. Yet people flock by the herd to gobble it all up and slap down that hard earned paycheck. I used to be one of those, but I can no longer participate in that madness. I would rather sit back and watch the chaos as it unfolds, and write my own back story for every person I observe.

It’s actually quite sad that rituals revolving around the celebrations of some of the most Holy days, in most spiritual beliefs has turned to such rampant consumerism and disregard for any sense of humanity. I look back and reflect very deeply this time of the year. I try to find the thing inside me, the thing I myself dislike and make a concerted effort to be better. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but I truly strive to be better and move forward. I always find myself going back to Jackie Gleason and the Honeymooners and the speech Ralph Kramden gives about Christmas. We lost that, as a society. The innocence and the wonder, the hope and the general sense of humanity that the season carries.

To end this post on a more positive note, remember to love more and hate less, smile more and frown less. Radiate positive energy as it will return to you, and who knows maybe it’ll trend and become a thing! In all your hustle and bustle and hurriedness in life, try to remember what the season is truly about and appreciate all that it could be. We never regain that innocence, but we can certainly keep the spirit of it alive!


Happy Holidays to all

We are in this together, if our life boat sinks we all drown


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