It Could have been me…..


coulda been

Go ahead and do it! They say at the end of life, it’s not the things we have done we regret. It is the things we haven’t done that really get us. Don’t let it be you. Don’t wake up one day and realize all those things you never made time for, because you know, Life. Stand up on your feet. Your life is short as hell! You could be dead tomorrow, this could be your last chance to believe in yourself. Your last chance to yell. Your last chance to be good to yourself, your last chance to drink from life’s well.

Life is short, too short to waste on the stupid shit! Go out and find your happy! Eat that piece of cake, take that long overdue trip. Take the family to the beach. You could be dead tomorrow. Live everyday like it’s your last, you never know when it may be. Tell those you love, that you love them, hug your children, kiss your spouse. Smile at people just for the sake of smiling. Our world is changing fast, and Mother nature is pissed! Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, no matter where that may be, try to find the good and make the happy!

Our time here on the earth is limited, with an expiration date of which we are no privy too. Age, race, religion, Death has no boundary. It will come when it sees fit and we cannot control it. So live each day with the vigor of it being your last. Enjoy it for all that it is. Take in the beauty of life, however small it may be. Breath it in and let it take you away! you know like Calgon used to do. Everyday is what we make it, make it an adventure!




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