Way back in 2013, there was a  TV show that aired on NBC. It was called Revolution. It was one of those end of days scenario shows much like Jericho, or the Walking dead. No zombies in this one though. The Premise of the show is: Struggle to survive 15 years after a global blackout. An EMP  has rendered all electricity, and devices using it useless. No cell phones, no internet, no TV. The question I pose; How would you fare?

Could you?, would you?, survive in a post apocalyptic world? Assuming you survived the original apocalyptic event. If everything changed tomorrow, how would you survive? Get me wrong, Not, I am not a prepper, or one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks the end is coming. But things sure are changing quickly and not for the better. It is already apparent in all the most densely populated areas of our world, not just our country. If the shit were to hit the fan, being in a densely populated area would be the worse place to be.

The recent events of this world have shown us  how humans react in just such a scenario. It has been an incredible social experiment in humanity, and humility. If we were to be graded as a species, I think we get a D. If we take into account all that we have done to destroy this planet, I think a F is in order! But then that’s a whole different rant right there. How did you handle the current ongoing crisis? how are you still handling it?

Did you adapt, adjust and carry on? Are  you hiding away and living in fear? Are you making it work, or are you waiting for someone to do it for you? I ask these questions, not to make judgment, but to spark conversations. If everything fails tomorrow, it is completely and utterly evident that our government would not be equipped to handle the situation. They would not be there to save our collective asses. The Rich would hunker down in thier palaces and forget all about the rest of the world.

The poor would be left to fend for themselves, to hunt and forage for food, To find shelter, and safety. Again, just curious of everyone’s thoughts on how YOU would handle such an event. There are no wrong answers, as people are different and react differently to situations. Also take into account, what you think you may do, and what may actually happen could vary greatly depending on circumstances, and geography. This whole thing is very subjective and opinions can vary.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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