The Best year! During the worst year?

So 2020 has been a real bastard, kicking us all in our proverbial balls. Then Kicking us again when we are down!

I for one have tried to make this the best year possible and stay positive despite the world going to hell in a hand basket all around me. Aside from all the world bullshit, FB locked out my account for some reason and I had to start a new FB. My personal website took a dump and I have had to forage to recreate it! But that stuff is just piddly annoying shit, start again and be happy. Get Zen and go forward! I have been very fortunate through all of this, I have been blessed to be able to stay employed enough to survive. I have also stepped back and taken stock of the things that are most important to me. I have spent a good portion of the last 6 months, Outside. In the woods and the wilderness. With Nature. Although it seems to be the “TRENDY” thing to do in our current maelstrom of uncertainty, it is something I was doing long before the trendsetters arrived!

I have hiked close to 500 miles this year, sometimes alone and other times with company. What I certainly have learned is; I can do my job from anywhere in the world, as long as I have an internet connection, (Off grid would be great, but there are some comforts we all are accustomed to!) I would rather be away from the Megatroplois that is the east coast, and mostly; that when I am in the forest life is different. Yes the world is still happening, but it seems so much less. Yes just LESS! When disconnected from the daily media circus, and barage of bullshit life is slower. Life is more, lifey! Ya know where the day’s biggest problem is wrestling a bear for a marshmallow!

As I grow older, the things that are important to me seem to become less and less. I am talking material things here people, not relationships or family. I need and want less.
I need, food, shelter, and water to survive. I need family, well; because you need family! What I need most is calm. It is addictive and fantastic. I realized how easy it is to just put away the phone, tablet, laptop or whatever your E-toy of choice is. No service means there is nothing to check in on. No phone means no calls wondering why something is not working. However it also means people get worried much quicker than back in the “olden days”. Instant gratification, has caused such stress and fatigue when that need for it is not met. But that’s another story, and even that has a solution.

2020 has taught us all how to be a bit more resilient, caring and self sufficient. It has brought us together and it has torn us apart all at the same time. For me it has definitely opened my eyes as to how I want to spend my remaining time on this earth. Being one with it, and advocating for it. Sharing it and celebrating it. Life has gotten so much more plicompcated (Thanks Johnny5).We can’t go back, but we can change how me move forward as individuals and as a nation. can We spend our time fighting about whose fault everything is, or we can truly work to change the way things are done, and replace the people who are making these decisions for us. We can no longer follow blindly. End slightly political rant. It’s time we go back and learn to rely on ourselves, and lift ourselves to a higher place!.

I hope you continue to join me on my journey to serenity and peace. Zen on, and keep on Abiding.

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