The Shelf

When you learn at an early age
to open the forbidden cage
you unleash the beast of rage
upon yourself

then you find there is no escape
from a frightened tormented fate
no-one came it was too late
to put it on the shelf

Locked away in a room
always fearing dread and doom
oh what madness can there loom
for me ahead

there is no tunnel with a light
everything wrong, nothing right
fishing without a bite
everything is dead

they say there is a way back
if you find the right track
but don’t step on the crack
it leads to hell

take a look down the road
and Put down that heavy load
stumble into the abode
drink from the well

It is the fork along your way
Do not let the fear betray
Do not be led astray
Out to the brink

In the water is the cure
To cleanse your soul and make you pure
its a truth you cant ignore
Come take a drink

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