Anticipatory breakage

In the garden of my mind,where I have been lost in time
In the fields of azure spoken of in lure
In the forests of retreat, and at the foot of every seat
Lies the answer everyone is looking for

In the puzzle of deceit, that has been laid upon your feet
There is a lack of luster lying unexplained
On the beaches of the lost, tell me truly what’s the cost
The animal within us never can be tamed

It’s a mystery to me, when through others eyes I see
What it’s like to be on the other side
And that from yourself, you can never hide

In the maze that are my thoughts, often paid but never bought
One could wander on and never find their way
Oh,the trail that leads you home, is one best traveled all alone
Hard to tell once you arrive if you should stay

Of all the words you hear from people claiming to be dear
The water is deep and dark, turbulently it swirls
Doesn’t make much sense when speaking in defense
Trying to find our way in this world

I don’t expect you too understand
How unlike you I have no plan
And I float through on a wave of uncertainty
with blinded eyes, no world to see

Yes it’s still a mystery, when through others eye I can see
What it’s like to be on the other side
And that from yourself you can never hide

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