Into the Darkness

Originally Posted on February 3, 2018

Into the Darkness







Endless scenarios they swirl, the pieces do not fit
Clouded by obscurities, they flutter through the mist
Lost without a cause or clue, restrained by ghosts of past
Imprisoned by the fears, they were by others set to last
Wandering alone it seems, time has slowed and slipped

Comfort and conclusion from the mind they have been ripped

Eyes so lost a light so dim, echoed screams of fright
The sands of time for you it seems,have turned day into night
Broken and bewildered at the hands of evil minds
The vengeance and the retributions so shall come with time
No way to ease the torment, no calm to the storm
Nowhere to hide and shelter from the cold, no place to warm

Into the darkness and unknown wandering, disturbed
Unsure and indecisive, cannot hear what you have heard
Eyes so dark and distant, reaching out for a hand
In a world so far from lucidity, unable to understand







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