Life.. its what you make it

A saying that I find now that I am older to be so true. One can choose to be unhappy, and negative about their circumstances or one can choose to use those circumstances to their advantage and make happiness where there once was none. Not every situation is going to turn your way, in fact in reality, probably most won’t. It is how you take those situations and use them to your advantage that can be the difference between happiness and unhappiness. So you lost your job? your wife? you can sit there and be down and negative or you can take any of these situations and make them have at least a somewhat positive light.


I lost my job:

BAD: damn how the hell am I gonna pay the bills, what if I can’t find work

GOOD: Get motivated you have skills, you’re not out of work, you’re moving up in the world use what you know

My wife left me:

BAD: how will I ever survive without her?

GOOD: This is awesome, now I can date that hot girl in accounting

you get the point, you can sit around and mope feeling all sorry for your damn self or you can get off your ass, get motivated and make your life great!

Great men and women are NOT born, they are made every day

Make yourself great!