As the nighttime approaches death calling my name I wallow in sorrow with no one to blame like the plant I am watching slowly decay I hear her voice calling from so far away memories are faded and voices so dim I think of a place I think I have been the plant will remain as food for another plant that grows from the ground I am under
Like the plant that will wither and soon I’m sure die life blood is draining from it and from I the leaves they will fall to the floor just like tears and soon be forgotten the withering years life will continue life will go on long after the plant dies and I too am gone no one will notice there will be no void alone and forgotten the dreams we destroyed the next generation seeded so well shall curse and shall damn me as I burn in hell

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Seeing how as it is October, which means Halloween. I figured an Adventure somewhere with a lure which fell within for aforementioned parameter was most certainly in Order!

Salem has become quite touristy and we are trying to avoid the bigger crowds. while Sleepy Hollow had some crowds, there were small groups very well separated from one another. Sleepy Hollow was also close by the Palisades Interstate park, which bore an opportunity for hikeage! Although the foliage was not quite at peak it was still pretty nice.

After our trek through the woods, and a climb to the bottom of the cliffs it was time to head to a place where being headless is the thing! The Headless Horseman Bridge!

Having a love of cemeteries and the stories which they tell, we wandered the grounds in awe. This little town is a gem which has much more to offer than just a Horseman  who has no head! Although I would say most who were here were drawn by the same Legend and lore which brought us here on this fine fall day. Sadly the Phillipsburg Manor and mansion were closed due to the impending doom.

Sleepy Hollow Village was inaccessible, again due to the impending DOOM! This did not discourage us from making this a worthwhile trip. We Meandered and explored and created our own stories as we walked about the graves. Feeling the eyes, hearing.

We searched about, seeking out graves that bore the names of Characters from the famed stories as well as plots of the super rich who once used this area as their playground. FYI No Ichabod Crane or Rip Van Winkle in the Cemetery. However we did find Katrina Van Tassel. We knew there was something Strange happening, and then, there it was. 

As evening was approaching and we were on our journey out of the cemetery, we meandered along the Pocantico River which borders the area. It was a Sleepy little Hollow for sure, with a slight feel of spirituality and spookiness. Well worth the trip to visit an old friend that filled my childhood. I speak of Rip Van Winkle of course. The Hudson Valley has much to offer this time of year, and I suggest a visit for anyone who enjoys folklore legends and myths, or is fan of the outdoors. We luckily are both. Please enjoy the slideshow of images from the cemetery.

Then head on over to Visit us on YouTube for video footage of our Adventure!


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The Road Less Traveled

The Traveler chose the road less travelled because it was covered by grass, it was clean, and beautiful and wanted wear because very few people had travelled by that road. The Traveler was adventurous and wanted to discover who that road was. He wanted to be; different from the other people, much like the road he had chosen was different from the other roads. Here together, they could rejoice in the release. Here they could be more.

Did the traveler chose the road?; or did the road chose the traveler, calling to the traveler. Come see what I have to offer, that the others have missed. Come partake of my riches. Overgrown and unkept, it obscures its treasures and calls for the exploration and celebration of its beauty. The road less travelled, cries for discovery. The Adventurous Traveller hears the calls, and heads the invitation. The Adventurous Traveller Discovers!

The traveller was weary, the road was long. Together on the journey, they joined, and took solace in each others presence. 


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The Adventure Episode 7: The Lost Tapes!

Back in the day, long before digital technologies existed and everything was still analog. One of the worst things that any good videophile or audiophile did not want to hear was ” I lost the tapes!” or “I forgot to hit record!”.  In these day of digitality, it is much easier to “lose the tapes” since we now record, store and carry our media on tiny little storage cards.

This however; is not a story like that. This story is one of SD card corruption. On this trip I had the brilliant idea; as opposed to changing the SD card so frequently, I can use the larger 128 GB card and be all set! Well let me tell you, that was wrong. Although everything seemed to work as expected, once I got home and tried to access the video files, they were there and empty. 

Every file was the size I expected it to be, and had correct timestamps. Every single file was empty of usable data. 3 days worth of video! I  spent hours using every method I knew of and every method a Google search yielded. No salvation for the corrupted!  But, Thats just 2020 isn’t it? So you get what we have here, a piecing together of video and images of what was a fantastic trip into the PA grand canyon! C’mon along and enjoy the ride!

Take only Pictures    Leave only Footprints


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The Monkey in the middle

What does monkey in the middle mean?

A game in which a ball or other object is kept away from one person by two or more other people. 

Monkey in the Middle

For the scope of this article the object to which we refer, is that which is just out of your reach. It is an individual object, constructed in just such a fashion that is keeps you from moving upward and onward. You did not put it there, you are just the monkey in the middle, trying to grab the dangling carrot. They have convinced you that someday you will get that carrot, and for your trouble, they throw you a few scraps. This is how the world works for the poor, the underprivileged and the downtrodden. Sold the promise of  success, while being setup for absolute failure.

Played by 2 sides with promises broken, and dreams destroyed. Led along the Yellow brick road, into the storm and abandoned. We go to meet in the middle, but there is not going to a middle anymore as the stakes are driven between us. Walking into the pass blindly, only to find a dead end and the bridges burnt behind us. Being led and blinded by a promise of acceptance and satisfaction. Welcome to the machine. A place where the way you think is manipulated and distorted, by propaganda and intense misinformation. Where the flames of hate and separation are fueled by confusion and isolation.

None of this is new, just the way in which it is fed to us has changed. Targeted, specific propaganda and misinformation, tailored to your experience. If you do not believe me, try it for yourself. Go to your social media feeds, notice what feeds you see the most. What kind of emotion do they spark in you? Anger? Happiness? sorrow? Do the feeds generally follow the sentiment you carry onto you feeds with likes and comments? Maybe take some screen shots for comparison at a later date. Now for the next 30 days, make a concerted effort to avoid all the things that stir in you negativity. Block ads that make you feel any type of anxiety at all. Stop following anyone or anything that is a breeding ground for conflict.

Come back here in a month, and tell me how your feed has changed based on changes you made to how you react to the things you come across on the big bad web. The machine is built to keep you focused on it.  It knows what you will react to and how you will react. If negativity breeds reaction, that is what you will be fed. The truth is no longer a viable option, it does not fit their narrative. We are forced to chose between someone else’s distorted views of happiness, and spoon fed their pompous rhetoric. We are a forced into anger.

All designed to keep you focused on what it wants you to see, to hear what it wants you hear, and to feel the way it wants you to feel. All the while here we sit like the proverbial Monkey in the middle. A corrupt healthcare system, that does not work for the people who need it the most. A system of Welfare that works to keep those in need, IN NEED. A political system that is so broken and corrupted it may be unrepairable. Here we are, the Monkeys in the middle, just trying to grab that ball so we can survive. All the while, the machine working to keep us a Monkey in the middle.


Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
Where have you been?
It’s alright we know where you’ve been

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream?
It’s alright we told you what to dream

Roger Waters

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The Mortality of a Nation

As I sit and write this article, the world falls apart at the seams all around me. I live in a nation heavily divided, to a point I believe we have not seen since our civil war. There is always the gap between generations, and we have all blamed the one prior for the state we have found our world in. This is much larger than that. This has no barrier of age, gender or race. It carries no political boundaries as those become much more blurred by the corrupted media and ridiculous propaganda we are fed.

This article is neither political nor religious in anyway, interpret it as you may. No matter what you follow to fulfill your spiritual self, the basic rules of humanity seem to be very familiar. Do not hate, do not kill, do not steal, do good and good will come to you do evil and be forever damned.  As humans we know right from wrong for the most part. We separate ourselves with boundaries, that we ourselves have created. Then we use them to protect ourselves from threats that other people have convinced us actually exist.

We are separated because that’s how they want us. It is much easier to hunt your prey when the group is smaller. Small heard with large ears, carry doubt spreading fear. No doubt, everyone cannot not always agree on all things, but most people can agree on some basic things. We all have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as humans. When your pursuit causes, or becomes the downfall of anothers success that’s where the issue lies. what ever happened to Don’t tread on me?

Just a little something to think about. If we do not find a way to come together as a nation, and take care of our own, soon there will be no nation to come together with. We are so busy fighting each other, we don’t see what is right in front of us. If you see someone stumble, don’t push them down, lift them up. United we stand, divided we will surely fall my friends. The only way back from this precipice upon which we stand, is to work together to make this nation the one it should be.

As one of the richest nations in the world, there is no way a single person should be going hungry. No reason for anyone who needs shelter to have it! All the while our tax money spent to assist every orphan country in the world that needs a daddy! We need to look our for ours, and take care of each other. I am all for helping others, but let’s look back here at the people who really keep this country rolling along.  I said all of that with no politics, not from any one side except the human side.


Brought to you by the Non-Conforming Semi-Circlists of world

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A new perspective

This article was originally Published on December 25, 2013.

It is now almost 7 years later and man what an Adventure it has been. I am now 56.

Without a doubt I would have to say that in my 49 years, 2013 has been the most trying and challenging year I have faced. I have encountered obstacles which I never could have imagined, and found strength where I did not know it existed. I have seen things through a different set of eyes, and comprehended situations in a different mindset. I have found a new peace, and understanding through the quagmire of untruths and have embraced my weakness’ to compliment my strengths.

 As I sit and contemplate my new awareness, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the possibilities which lay before me. Accepting that there are forces at work that are beyond my control, and understanding how to manage the way in which I interact with these situations has been my biggest challenge. Understanding that not everything that is broken can or should be fixed, and not all problems have a favorable outcome. That sometimes we just have to accept things for what they are and move on.

The last 4 weeks have been spent doing some very deep spiritual exploration and examination of who I am, how I have gotten here and where it is I want to go from here. The events and circumstances that have brought me here have been convoluted to say the least, but as I do believe everything happens for a reason I am sure in the grand scheme of things it will all make sense. My journey has been a long, and the road ahead does not appear to be a smooth one, but what would life be without those occasional bumps in the road or miscalculated wrong turns.

I move forward with anticipation of what is around the next turn, and relish in the mystery of what will be. I welcome the challenges, the victories and the failures for these together are what make a person who it is they become. Not so much as to whether one succeeds or fails, but how they handle the situation and accept the outcome. I will not let the events of this last year become who I am, or who I become. I will not respond to hatred with hatred and become my own enemy. I will be stronger than those who seek to fulfill their emptiness with anger and contempt, and I will overcome the obstacles that have been laid before me.

As I move forward, I will take with me the lessons I have learned over the past 11 and a half months and I will use them to guide me to a better place within myself. I will take the pain and I will use it to strengthen my resolve, and I will not let hatred and evil inundate my life. Destination unclear, and path yet uncertain I follow the unseen signs, seeing everything through a new set of eyes.

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In My Backyard

I originally published this in December 2013, But with the great crash of 2020 it went south with the rest of site! Thank God I keep text versions of my ramblings!

I am a south Jersey Hippie all the way, born in wonderful downtown Camden in the year of the dragon 1964. When I was around 5 years old, (I remember that because I started kindergarten) we moved to West Berlin New Jersey. A big house with a huge yard, and enormous woods, this was the edge of the New Jersey Pine barrens. Back in those days when the 2 best toys any boy could have were outside and imagination, this was a dream come true.

I could leave the house in the morning, and not return until dinner, and nobody needed to worry much. Things were much different back then. For me, it was like being Ponce de Leon on the hunt for the fountain of youth, or Columbus discovering the Americas. I fought dragons, foiled criminals and discovered new lands in those woods. I caught frogs and turtles and chased fox and raccoons, I got wet, I got dirty and I had fun.

This was the time in my life when I developed my love of the outdoors, and nature. I could spend the whole day just wandering through those woods, watching the animals, listening to the sounds, smelling the smells it was like I was the only person in the world and this whole place was just for me. I can still spend a whole day just hiking in those woods, listen, watching and photographing.

There at the edge of the Jersey Pinelands, this was my playground. As a boy I learned many things in and from those woods, and the experiences I had there. I learned to respect that which is wild, and it in return will respect you. I learned to always trust my instincts, as I watched, listened and absorbed the forest. This time in my life is most certainly that which inspired in me the Explorer soul and photographer spirit.

The spirit that pushes me to discover and explore, to go to places most people don’t, and do things that most people won’t.  Like hiking the Appalachian Trail from end to end, not something I have been able to accomplish but something on my bucket list. I can however say that I have hiked on the Appalachian Trail, in every state through which it runs. Now I know that’s not exactly the same, but it is mine, and I gotta own it! How about hiking UP the Kaibab trail, from the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Yes we did it, why? Because we could, it was  there and that’s what those woods gave me.

That was many years ago, I am now a grown man living in the suburbs. I visit the Pinelands every chance I get, because for me it is home. I carry with me everyday many things I learned in and from those woods and will take to my grave some of her secrets. The New Jersey Pinelands may be home to the Famed Jersey devil, and the legendary Pineys, but for me it will always just be my back yard.

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Losing the links

As we age into adulthood the realities of life begin to become more clear.

I wonder how many people knew their great grandparents. By knew I mean you actually have memories of them. For my generation I think most of us do not really remember our great grandparents, they likely passed when you were young. If you did know them, what can you remember about them? What things did they pass on to you, to carry on to coming generations? They have become a lost link, a part of the pathway to the past that cannot be recovered. They have taken with them both their memories and their lessons.

Most people my age have also by now lost their grandparents, and possibly their parents. What part of your parents have you become and do you carry on? What part of your grandparents have you been able to carry with you and pass on to the next generation?Every generation is an encyclopedia of knowledge, that if not passed along perishes with the author. For my generation, the passing on of what we have become, has itself become both easier and more difficult at the same time.

Technology has made it much easier to stay in touch, but at the same time brings with it less in person time with people. Some things cannot be passed through a cable wire. During this time of uncertainty, technology surely has helped many people who otherwise would have felt quite alone and Losing their links. Nothing is better than spending time with and sharing your experiences with the people most important to you.

Every time you do something, that you have done in the past with a person who is a link to your past it helps to keep the past alive. Every time you make the sauce that your grandmother taught you to make, and that you will teach your children to make. Every time you go camping with your kids, because that’s what you did as a child. Every time you take your grandkids fishing because that’s what your grandfather did with you. You are keeping the links alive. Call me a sentimentalist, but these are the things that make us who we are, that make us human.

Without a past, there is no future


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Way back in 2013, there was a  TV show that aired on NBC. It was called Revolution. It was one of those end of days scenario shows much like Jericho, or the Walking dead. No zombies in this one though. The Premise of the show is: Struggle to survive 15 years after a global blackout. An EMP  has rendered all electricity, and devices using it useless. No cell phones, no internet, no TV. The question I pose; How would you fare?

Could you?, would you?, survive in a post apocalyptic world? Assuming you survived the original apocalyptic event. If everything changed tomorrow, how would you survive? Get me wrong, Not, I am not a prepper, or one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks the end is coming. But things sure are changing quickly and not for the better. It is already apparent in all the most densely populated areas of our world, not just our country. If the shit were to hit the fan, being in a densely populated area would be the worse place to be.

The recent events of this world have shown us  how humans react in just such a scenario. It has been an incredible social experiment in humanity, and humility. If we were to be graded as a species, I think we get a D. If we take into account all that we have done to destroy this planet, I think a F is in order! But then that’s a whole different rant right there. How did you handle the current ongoing crisis? how are you still handling it?

Did you adapt, adjust and carry on? Are  you hiding away and living in fear? Are you making it work, or are you waiting for someone to do it for you? I ask these questions, not to make judgment, but to spark conversations. If everything fails tomorrow, it is completely and utterly evident that our government would not be equipped to handle the situation. They would not be there to save our collective asses. The Rich would hunker down in thier palaces and forget all about the rest of the world.

The poor would be left to fend for themselves, to hunt and forage for food, To find shelter, and safety. Again, just curious of everyone’s thoughts on how YOU would handle such an event. There are no wrong answers, as people are different and react differently to situations. Also take into account, what you think you may do, and what may actually happen could vary greatly depending on circumstances, and geography. This whole thing is very subjective and opinions can vary.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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