I went all the way down

I went all the way down

I went down the crossroads Like all my hero’s had done
I was looking for the devil, but he was on the run
He lost his golden fiddle in an ill conceived bet
Johnny took it from him, and Johnny has it yet
confused and bewildered I lost my train of thought
tried to catch it at the next station, I missed it and got lost

I went all the way down, and rock bottom eluded me
searching so hard for something, I still refused to see
The water rushing past at the bottom of the well
Couldn’t find so damn blind living there in hell

I went back to the crossroads, prepared to sell my soul
for a moment of peace in the heat, the Devil was on a roll
He wasn’t prepared to take the deal I laid there at his feet
He sat back and bellowed, then he turned up the heat
I was on the run again, in a circle I progressed
was this some kind of nightmare or was this some kind of test?

I went all the way down, and rock bottom eluded me
searching so hard for something, I still refused to see
No end to this tunnel, I am seeing no lights                                                                                   It’s hotter than hell and darker than night

I went down the crossroads Like all my hero’s had done
The Devil he had me and he was having some fun 
He said boy let me tell you how its gonna be                                                                                       you got a soul your gonna give it to me                                                                                               I said listen here you creepy old son                                                                                                   you do not scare me and I will not run

I went back to the crossroads, shovel in hand
for a moment of peace, I now had a plan
He wasn’t prepared to take the deal that I made
so I forced that old fucker to dig his own grave

Yea now he lies naked buried and burned,                                                                                         if you come to my crossroads, Next time its your turn


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The Adventure: Episode 12 Birchwood

Join the Adventure for Episode 12-Exploring Birchwood

Today’s Adventure was fun, spooky and exciting. As we visited the Birchwood resort near Tannersville, PA. Let me start by saying: I do not suggest nor do I condone in anyway, trespassing on private property.

We do a lot of hiking, and exploring and generally enjoy the experience. Some explorations are a little less family friendly and must be approached with caution and stealth. This was one of those explorations. I had heard stories, read articles and seen photos of previous explorations, none of which prepared me for what I would find. This place has been ravished by both nature and vandals, and is now a sad reminder of the glory it once was.

Built in the 1950’s and closed in the early 2000’s, Birchwood was where accused cop killer Eric Frein was found to be hiding during a massive manhunt for him. He was found in the abandoned airplane hanger at the rear of the property. A perfect little hideaway for someone not wanting to be seen. That was not the first scandal circling this once thriving resort. Tales of wild sex parties during its heyday have been circulated as well.

  We also had a face to face meeting with the caretaker/security guard, which is not in the video. He was quite firm, and almost intimidating in his admonishment of the visit. He took a picture of my license plate and warned me to never return under threat of arrest. However we did actually converse on the resort and the problems he has had to deal with over the years with this property.

I would strongly suggest against a visit as it could result in arrest and fines. What we found on our exploration was a decaying dream of years gone past, and a future uncertain. So now come along on our journey as we explore the Birchwood Resort!

Picture  Gallery

Head on over to YouTube and see our video exploration

The Explore


If you enjoyed this checkout our explore of the Linfield Industrial complex
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The Adventure Episode 11: Ricketts Glenn Adventures!

Premiering Friday February 19th, 6:00 PM

Join us for the premier of Episode 11 of the Adventure on YouTube as we explore Ricketts Glen State Park.

We explore 17 waterfalls and some of the local residents in the area. With special appearances by Danger Girl.

Who is Danger girl? you ask… Danger girl is the name we gave to a young lady who kept pace with us on most of our hike along the Falls trail. She was quite adventurous and daring. climbing on places most people would not dare, and all with no fear. A true Adventurer. She appears in several of our video clips, and reminded me of someone else I know. Oh to be young, Carefree and invincible!

Danger Girl

This is Danger Girl.

Our hike took about 5 hours, was 9 miles in length, and contained many stops along the way. Some to admire the beauty and some because it is a very steep hike up the falls! Regardless it was a fantastic time and the waterfalls are the stars of this episode. One of the other interesting things about this Adventure  were the Salamanders. There were quite a few along the way, and we stopped to admire them in all of their brilliant  beauty. Although there were many people on the trails during our visit, we still managed to keep our mostly 6 foot distance. Yup!

As usual I managed to take a plethora of of photos, so be sure to enjoy the show!

Head on over to our YouTube Channel to watch the video, and be sure to subscribe to our channel and  this page!


Music in our Videos comes from the Youtube audio library. I would like to send a shout out to Audionautix as we seem to use more of their music than any other. Thank you!


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The Adventure: Episode 10 The Abandoned Bunkers of Alvira

The Bunkers of Alvira-Allenwood,PA

Formerly known as Wisetown 1825-1942

 Spring, 1942 the federal government seizes the small village of Alvira, Pennsylvania, The federal government used the courts and eminent domain to force residents to accept buyouts of their homes, to build the Susquehanna Ordnance Depot. The most interesting features of the depot were the concrete bunkers, 149 of them used for storage of explosives. It was never really used as intended. The land where the concrete bunkers were built was returned to the State of Pennsylvania in 1964 and designated as game lands 252.

A short ride from the intersection of US 15 and PA 44, on Alvira rd. The State gamelands are easily accessible. There are a few places to park and some well maintained walking paths. However this is state gamelans so I encourage you to wear ORANGE during any season of hunting. We were able to explore 11 of the bunkers, although we found more, many were sealed closed. The property of the Allenwood Federal Prison borders the gamelans to the eastern side. The gates where we parked for the cemetery marked the prison border.

We spent a good portion of our day exploring the area and really enjoyed ourselves. We encountered several hunters later on in the day, as we were heading out they were heading in. We all wore orange and ensured we were seen and heard. It was a beautiful fall day and the underbrush and overgrowth weren’t so bad. We explored 11 different enclosures and explored an old cemetery that bordered the prison property line. We could see 2 more bunkers on the other side of the fence, but yea, No. All in all it was well worth the ride up.

Stay safe, and keep on trekking!

Please enjoy the video we made while visiting, It’s a bit long but fun.


If you enjoy it please subscribe to our channel



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The Adventure: Episode 9 Linfield Industrial Complex

Linfield Industrial Park spans 196 acres in Limerick,PA, about 35 miles north-west of Philadelphia. For over 100 years, this land was home to various companies, most notably Kinseys Distillery. It has stood vacant since 1986. This land is legally off-limits, and curious explorers are often arrested for trespassing here. The Kinsey Distillery used the Limerick warehouse mainly to store barrels of distilled whiskey. The warehouse could store up to one million barrels and was known as the “world’s largest single concentration of aging whiskeys.”

We were lucky enough to visit, and explore with no interference at all. We spent several hours walking around taking pictures and video. Be sure to watch our Video over on our youtube channel, and enjoy the pictures here. Thanks for stopping by!

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2020 Part 2: I have watched ALL the things, Now what?

Let me first start by saying again, this post is neither political, nor anti-anything. It is merely an observation of what the world looked like through my glasses!

We Truly did Watch ALL The things!

So here I am in 20221 still reflecting on 2020 and how it changed the way we live, think and interact with each other as a society. With the International Pandemic, and worldwide panic shutting down virtually everything that was not virtual; the world descended into  a world of digitry. ( It’s my own word, look for it soon on wikipedia) There was a drastic increase in the number of people watching streaming services, and binge watching 2020, an increase of somewhere around 30%.

We watched everything there was to watch, we even watched things that normally would not catch our attention. We spent an enormous amount of time on social media, debating social issues. The stress and anxiety of being locked up in our fortresses of solitude helped to fuel the debates and anger. Active censorship was instituted by several social sites under the guise of fact checking in an effort to slow the rhetoric. Media outlets drew further to one side or the other as the center slowly drifted away. The great American wedge was once more firmly planted to separate us.

OMG There is an Outside.

As the weather began to break, there was an influx of visitors to parks and preserves, causing many to be closed due to overcrowding. Having watched ALLL the things and argued over everything and anything out of shear boredom, people needed something to get them out of their castles. People who normally don’t hike or do outdoors, discovered outdoors. They brought their radios, which they played on the trails, and they brought their trash which they left on the trails. While normally I encourage everyone to learn to love nature, I wish they would come with some respect for her as well.

Lessons unlearned

2020 was a year in which we as whole saw our whole worlds turned upside down by a microscopic organism that none of us wanted to see was coming. Unlike the Pandemic of 1918, we had been warned. Unlike the Pandemic of 1918 we have unlimited access to minute by minute news broadcasts, and a way to connect and communicate with those whom we wish to stay closest to. Too bad we as a society don’t yet know how to properly use and navigate our resources in such a way to weed out the propaganda and misinformation fed to us on a regular diet.

I hope I did not offend anyone with this post, but if I did we probably shouldn’t be friends anyway. We all see the world through our own set of glasses, defined by our own experiences and interactions with the world around us. It is not how you see the world that really matters, it is how you interact with it that is lasting. The biggest thing I learned this past year, was how to be active, without being reactive. I am still working on it, but am improving everyday!

Be sure to read Part 1

2020 Part 1- What the Hell was that?

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2020 Part 1- What the Hell was that?

Let me first start by saying this post is neither political, nor anti-anything. It is merely an observation of what the world looked like through my glasses! If I had to sum up 2020 in 1 word, it could only be described as UGLY.  

ug·ly  /ˈəɡlē/  adjective: ugly; comparative adjective: uglier; superlative adjective: ugliest

1. unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.
“people in school always told me I was ugly”

2. involving or likely to involve violence or other unpleasantness.
“the mood in the room turned ugly”

 The 2020 Hot topic word: Conspiracy 

con·spir·a·cy  /kənˈspirəsē/ noun:  a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

The action of plotting or conspiring.
“they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”

If 2020 was a Highway!

Orange man Vs. Uncle Joe  Let the circus begin!

The political atmosphere in our country has torn us down the middle, it has forced people to chose sides, because politicians are so far divided and can no longer seem to find the center.  The world watches us and laughs as we teeter on civil unrest and dissidence. The elected officials and corporate criminals have us so far divided, we spend our time infighting as opposed to Uniting.

The Pandemic.  It appeared to come out of nowhere, but it came from Wuhan. 

We were so busy and obsessed with our own little worlds, that nobody paid attention to another outbreak in China. No worries can’t happen here. Or so the world thought. Here we are a year later and much of the world is heading into another serious lockdown. People are dying, people are struggling to survive because they are unable to work. The world has turned upside down!

The Vaccine.  Quite possibly the fastest Trial and approval process in history!

But was it?   Coronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19 (Corona virus disease 2019).

There have been worldwide efforts to create a blanket vaccine that could possibly work on all of the strains of the Coronavirus. These efforts have been ongoing for a number of years prior to this outbreak. While I myself am not a scientist and I cannot say one way or the other if these vaccines are safe, it is what we have been presented with and appears to be our best defense. Just remember , in I am Legend, it’s the cure that turns everyone into Zombies!

In the years to come these are the 3 things I think people will have conspiracy theories about. They will rival the JFK, and Moon landing conspiracies we all loved as kids!

Please tune in for Part 2: I have watched ALL the things, Now what?

Coming soon

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As the nighttime approaches death calling my name I wallow in sorrow with no one to blame like the plant I am watching slowly decay I hear her voice calling from so far away memories are faded and voices so dim I think of a place I think I have been the plant will remain as food for another plant that grows from the ground I am under
Like the plant that will wither and soon I’m sure die life blood is draining from it and from I the leaves they will fall to the floor just like tears and soon be forgotten the withering years life will continue life will go on long after the plant dies and I too am gone no one will notice there will be no void alone and forgotten the dreams we destroyed the next generation seeded so well shall curse and shall damn me as I burn in hell

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Seeing how as it is October, which means Halloween. I figured an Adventure somewhere with a lure which fell within for aforementioned parameter was most certainly in Order!

Salem has become quite touristy and we are trying to avoid the bigger crowds. while Sleepy Hollow had some crowds, there were small groups very well separated from one another. Sleepy Hollow was also close by the Palisades Interstate park, which bore an opportunity for hikeage! Although the foliage was not quite at peak it was still pretty nice.

After our trek through the woods, and a climb to the bottom of the cliffs it was time to head to a place where being headless is the thing! The Headless Horseman Bridge!

Having a love of cemeteries and the stories which they tell, we wandered the grounds in awe. This little town is a gem which has much more to offer than just a Horseman  who has no head! Although I would say most who were here were drawn by the same Legend and lore which brought us here on this fine fall day. Sadly the Phillipsburg Manor and mansion were closed due to the impending doom.

Sleepy Hollow Village was inaccessible, again due to the impending DOOM! This did not discourage us from making this a worthwhile trip. We Meandered and explored and created our own stories as we walked about the graves. Feeling the eyes, hearing.

We searched about, seeking out graves that bore the names of Characters from the famed stories as well as plots of the super rich who once used this area as their playground. FYI No Ichabod Crane or Rip Van Winkle in the Cemetery. However we did find Katrina Van Tassel. We knew there was something Strange happening, and then, there it was. 

As evening was approaching and we were on our journey out of the cemetery, we meandered along the Pocantico River which borders the area. It was a Sleepy little Hollow for sure, with a slight feel of spirituality and spookiness. Well worth the trip to visit an old friend that filled my childhood. I speak of Rip Van Winkle of course. The Hudson Valley has much to offer this time of year, and I suggest a visit for anyone who enjoys folklore legends and myths, or is fan of the outdoors. We luckily are both. Please enjoy the slideshow of images from the cemetery.

Then head on over to Visit us on YouTube for video footage of our Adventure!


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The Road Less Traveled

The Traveler chose the road less travelled because it was covered by grass, it was clean, and beautiful and wanted wear because very few people had travelled by that road. The Traveler was adventurous and wanted to discover who that road was. He wanted to be; different from the other people, much like the road he had chosen was different from the other roads. Here together, they could rejoice in the release. Here they could be more.

Did the traveler chose the road?; or did the road chose the traveler, calling to the traveler. Come see what I have to offer, that the others have missed. Come partake of my riches. Overgrown and unkept, it obscures its treasures and calls for the exploration and celebration of its beauty. The road less travelled, cries for discovery. The Adventurous Traveller hears the calls, and heads the invitation. The Adventurous Traveller Discovers!

The traveller was weary, the road was long. Together on the journey, they joined, and took solace in each others presence. 


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