About the Epicurean Technologist

kicking it my style, on the hunt and on the move

Welcome to the Epicurean Technologist Blog

I am Robert Bleattler, and I am I am the Epicurean Technologist; an IT guru by day and a Photographer all the time.

I am a Technologist by trade and a chef by nature.
Bringing you my world, through my Lens and through the Pen. I live in a world where technology drives me, and food excites me. Combining the two and sharing the belief that pleasure is the greatest good. Moving it forward and making it better. A view into how my mind works, and how I view the world. Won’t you join me on my journey as we travel the countryside seeking out good eats and better sunsets.

Epicurus believed that pleasure is the greatest good. But the way to attain pleasure was to live modestly and to gain knowledge of the workings of the world and the limits of one’s desires I do this through food and technology.

I started cooking at a young age, because it felt natural to me. I was drawn to technology because I grew up on science fiction, and many of the inventions of the writers have come to be reality! I worked every position in a kitchen and earned the title Chef! I liked what I did, and got great pleasure from seeing people smile as they ate something I created. I began programming of computers and other small electronic devices when I was around 12, back in the old days! I never had any aspiration of being a computer programmer back then.

Well things change, I got older and tired of the 14 hour days and long weekends. The demand for computer professionals was booming! I enrolled and began my foray into web programming which was an easy fit  as I had already begun teaching myself much of what I needed to know by reading everything I could get my hands on! Thank you Borders! I graduated, found a job and realized I hated  it! It was the most boring repetitious job I ever had! One early morning the HR person walks onto the floor and asks “does anyone have networking experience?” One door closes and another opens! I never looked back.

I am also the founder of the Philly warmth project (although the name was conceived by my son Robert Anthony Bleattler). The Philly warmth project has been a personal project of mine for 17 years, and my son has been on-board for about 6 years. The Philly Warmth Project and PhillyWarmth.org really started to come together in 2009, and we hit a peak of 1000 coat donations in 2011. The project is now set to go forward and register as a Non-profit organization, making it easier for us to help even more people! If Pleasure truly is the greatest good, then to me this project represents the true goodness found in everyone.