15000 pictures

I am in the middle of an organizational project involving all my images. So far I have only imported pictures dating back to January of 2013, and there are just over 15000 pictures! The plan for this set is to get it down to under 5000 usable images and discard the rest from my library,take into consideration this does not include the thousands of family pictures I have in my archives! When I say discard, I do not permanently discard any image I just remove them from the catalogue I am working with in Lightroom. The task is daunting to say the least, just a quick run through to eliminate groups of bad imagery(pictures taken with bad settings and blurs) of about 3000 images took close to 3 hours. once the task of downsizing my catalogue to just usable images has been completed, I will fully compile a usable portfolio of my best images which I will of course share with everyone.

Photography and the outdoors are 2 of my most loved things in life, right up there with cooking. Sometimes the combination of these 3 things make for an abundance of mediocre to downright bad choices for photographs, that should never be seen by any set of human eyes and with proper handling and encryption they never will! My point being that any good photographer takes many pictures, and many of them are not usable images. Most people do not understand the hours that go into the actual process of sorting through 1000 pictures to find that 1 or 2 that are A1 perfect pictures. I enjoy nothing more than sharing what it is I experience when I am out in the marshes, or off in the state forest or same canyon, and I can do that best through my lens and some carefully crafted words. I am hoping that you enjoy the end product of the many hours of work I am putting into this project, and the stories that will accompany the images.


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