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Living with Mom–An Alzheimer’s story

This is the first installment in the ongoing story of caring at home for my mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s one year ago.
There will an a companion video series coming along as well documenting our struggles and successes.

Today is Wednesday January 10th, 2018.

Janet Chilson–Mom
73 years old

This mom–Janet

Robert Bleattler–Me, the oldest son and primary caregiver
53 years old

Dawn Wellman–daughter 49 Years old
Deral Bleattler–son 47 years old

Marie and Bill Thompson–Friends and caregivers ( they are really Family to us)

A brief history:

In February of 2017 Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, though we knew before then that it was beginning. At the time she was diagnosed, she was told she could no longer drive an automobile, which was good as she was getting lost frequently. Losing her ability to drive, and therefore in her mind…independence, really took a toll. Although we got her out as often as possible, it was devastating to her and very difficult for the family to watch. She became increasingly depressed and agitated, and seemed to almost give up for a period of time. Just writing about it now,makes my eyes well with tears remembering how the light had disappeared from her smile, and the way she didn’t seem to enjoy the things that once made her so happy. It took some time, but we were able to bring her out of that episode of despair. Although, she has not been the same since then.

At the time of Diagnosis, Mom was living with her best Friend Marie Thompson and Husband Bill, she had been living there for 7 years. My step father had passed away some years ago and Mom didn’t want to live alone, or have to live with any of her children and lose any of her independence. Marie was fantastic with Mom during those first few months, though Mom was becoming a handful. In August, Mom tripped and fell. She broke her right arm, I was away for work. A week later she took a road trip with her Brother Rich and his wife Deb, to meet with all of the living siblings at her youngest brothers home in North Carolina for a family get together.Everything seemed to be going well, though the trauma of the break seemed to trigger some other symptoms. She was afraid to walk, as she thought she would fall again. On September 1st, Marie awoke to find Mom had descended the steps from her room during the night and made her way downstairs unassisted, she was sitting in the dark alone and completely disoriented. Can you imagine the absolute fear Marie must have felt when she discovered Mom was not in her room?

We contacted her primary care doctor who told us to take her immediately to an ER. We never did get a definite answer as to what triggered this, but she spent 11 days in the hospital. She suffered episodes of unexplained seizures and was in a coma for almost 4 days. I have been through a lot in my life, but those first 6-7 days in that hospital were the hardest thing I have ever been through. I lived at that hospital. After 11 days Mom was due to be released to a rehab facility for 30 days, as she was near unable to walk. On the day of her release, she was dropped by someone in that hospital, and suffered a broken hip. She has not yet recovered from that trauma, and I am sure she never will. Her hip has healed well, as well as her arm. Since the release from the hospital, mom has not been the same. The disease seems to have progressed faster since then. Although she is physically healthy, her mental facilities are not faring as well. When she was released from the rehab facility, she came home to live with me. Marie and Bill were just unable to care for mom at the level she now required as they are both around Mom’s age.

This brings us to the present, the here and now, the today.
New Alzheimer’s study

This is by far, the hardest job I have ever had. And it IS a job, 24 hours a day 7 days a week she requires care. It is also by far, the most rewarding job I have ever had. I have learned a lot about myself, and become closer to my mother than I had been my whole adult life. She is by all rights what my life now revolves around, every decision I make I must stop and think how will it affect Mom? My whole life changed when she came home to live with me, and this is our story!

Please follow us, as we together learn how to best navigate this murky unknown atrocity.

Sometimes I just need to rant!

I get it! I see the world a little differently than most people, and I negotiate situations differently than most as well. I will be the first to tell you,I always find all the negative first in any situation. Once the negative has been processed, the logic takes over and develops a resolution to all the negatives allowing me to properly navigate most any situation.

If one creates a situation, then avoids a confrontation and does not present solution, to me it’s just not understood.
If the actions of your doing, find yourself and others screwing, yourselves over, you’ve got to understand it’s not good.
When the wake you leave behind, lands others all up in a bind, then its time your eyes get open and you see
If the the path down which your heading,has all the good things shedding, this is probably not the place to be
Let there be no misunderstanding, of the lesson I am handing out and the thing that I am really trying to say
If you stumble off your path and in fates own face you laugh, in the end you are the one who has to pay.

My Philadelphia

Most people come to the city of Brotherly love for one of two things, History or entertainment. Even those of us who live in the region rarely if ever venture off into the outlying regions of the city to explore what this city really is all about. This city is rich in history that has nothing at all to do with the American Revolution, and it is all so easy to find if one just opens their eyes. Please join me on a journey to some of the lesser known Icons of the city of brotherly love as I explore the beauty beyond the hype!

One of the first really cool places I like in the city is Old Pier 18, in Port Richmond. Extending 875 feet into the river, Pier 18 carries two railroad tracks and was used for the loading of coal and ore. The now-defunct Richmond Coal Wharves, developed primarily by the Reading Railroad, encompass a mile of shoreline and 12 abandoned piers. It was once the primary terminal for Pennsylvania vast coal output. Access is off of Richmond street and parking is not an issue. below are a couple of links for google map images I took from atop and around the structure:,-75.113949,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s100604250!2e1!3e10,-75.114212,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s100604244!2e1!3e10,-75.111833,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m5!1e2!3m3!1s-jm7ErjYHQbU%2FUE5-DuUsuYI%2FAAAAAAAAH_I%2FewrENSjbJP8!2e4!3e15

There are many birds in the area during the spring months, and groundhogs are pretty common as well. The area is relatively safe, but always be aware of your surroundings when exploring strange new places. below are some other of the other Photos I have taken of the area.

Why am I a Technologist?

As anyone who knows me, or is socially connected to me knows I am either Robert Bleattler Technologist, or The Epicurean Technologist. I have many people ask me, why do you call yourself “technologist”?

Well its pretty simple really, I could call myself an IT guy, or a SysAdmin, or any of the other renditions of the same, but I am a little more than that. From an early age I wanted to know how things worked and why they worked, and what made them NOT work. I spent many hours in the library reading everything I could find on electrical and computer systems. I taught myself using books and diagrams to fix almost anything that could break, It was a natural thing as my maternal grandfather had this same talent. If you Google the definition of technologist, there are many different meanings, but the below are the ones that are relevant to this article:


a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems

a person trained to design and construct machines

a person who designs and writes and tests computer programs

a person trained in practical applications of the theory of electricity

As I am a person who does all of the above, I therefore conclude that I am a Technologist and not just a system admin. I truly enjoy a good challenge, and believe there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. I go above the average system admin in the sense that I think like a machine, using logic first and working back from that. Believe me I have seen some strange occurrences in my career that seem to defy common logic, but when looked at from a different perspective seems to make sense. Everything we do depends on Technology, and if that technology fails I am the man to call!

All of this together is what make me a Technologist as opposed to “THE IT GUY”.

3 Things you can do to make your digital self safer

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The Naked security site run by sophos is one that is really put together well with great articles.

Please take a look at this article that really can save you and or your family a lot of grief!

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Daring wildlife rescue saves great horned owl from the clutches of ravenous coyotes!

June 16th 2014 Mullica Hill New Jersey

While visiting a friend on his farm in Mullica Hill, I decided to step out onto the back veranda to partake of a smooth refreshing Marlboro cigarette. It was just around dusk, maybe around 7:30 and the sky was a beautiful array of fiery oranges and reds. I took out one of those refreshing cigarettes from the familiar red pack, and placed it to my lips, I could really smell the unlit tobacco as it was a fresh pack of those smooth refreshing Marlboro cigarettes. I lifted my purple BIC lighter to ignite my cigarette, when out of the back field came a screech unlike anything I had ever heard before, followed by an incredibly loud rustling. Started I dropped both the purple BIC lighter and that smooth refreshing Marlboro cigarette, and looked up to see what was causing such a horrendous disturbance to my peace. I could see a relatively large bird with a most white underbelly making a severely labored attempt to escape the clutches of what we are sure where the pair of coyotes that recently took up residence in the area. The large bird appeared to have escaped, and made it into a tree as we could hear it screeching for almost an hour after the ravenous attack. I commented to my friend that the screeching sounded much like an owl. We eventually returned inside to resume whatever it was we had been doing prior to the “incident” as it would come to be known as.

Fast forward to June 18

I again visit the same friend where the “Incident” occurred , and he informs me that his wife had a close encounter with an Owl earlier in the day and she thought it may have been injured because it let her get so close. I thought nothing of it, having forgotten so soon about the “incident” of 2 days ago, and explained that many owls will let humans get fairly close if they do not fell threatened. We proceeded to check the general area, but saw no sign of the said owl, we did not realize he was playing hide and seek! Again we resume whatever trivial activity it was we were involved in and the conversation mostly forgotten, until the next afternoon, the fated date of June 19th 2014. While leaving to go on a WaWa run for some hot refreshing WaWa coffee and a fresh pack of those refreshing Marlboro cigarettes , I noticed something moving near the end of my friend’s driveway, so we stop to see what it is, and Lo and Behold, there he is the Famed Injured Owl. And yes he was injured and a little bewildered too, both his left wing and left leg\Talon were injured  and he required some human intervention to get him up off the ground where he was pretty much coyote food, since he could not escape nor defend himself while confined to the ground. See the pictures and video of the dramatic (actual pretty anti climatic) wildlife rescue below.

please follow the links for Video Viewing

The Owl was Taken to the Tri-Sate Bird rescue in Delaware

This is a true story, everything actually happened just as the story proclaims

15000 pictures

I am in the middle of an organizational project involving all my images. So far I have only imported pictures dating back to January of 2013, and there are just over 15000 pictures! The plan for this set is to get it down to under 5000 usable images and discard the rest from my library,take into consideration this does not include the thousands of family pictures I have in my archives! When I say discard, I do not permanently discard any image I just remove them from the catalogue I am working with in Lightroom. The task is daunting to say the least, just a quick run through to eliminate groups of bad imagery(pictures taken with bad settings and blurs) of about 3000 images took close to 3 hours. once the task of downsizing my catalogue to just usable images has been completed, I will fully compile a usable portfolio of my best images which I will of course share with everyone.

Photography and the outdoors are 2 of my most loved things in life, right up there with cooking. Sometimes the combination of these 3 things make for an abundance of mediocre to downright bad choices for photographs, that should never be seen by any set of human eyes and with proper handling and encryption they never will! My point being that any good photographer takes many pictures, and many of them are not usable images. Most people do not understand the hours that go into the actual process of sorting through 1000 pictures to find that 1 or 2 that are A1 perfect pictures. I enjoy nothing more than sharing what it is I experience when I am out in the marshes, or off in the state forest or same canyon, and I can do that best through my lens and some carefully crafted words. I am hoping that you enjoy the end product of the many hours of work I am putting into this project, and the stories that will accompany the images.


Thanks for reading, please visit me at Http://

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